I work as a strategic communicator. This is a portfolio of communications pieces I have worked on. My role is usually as a content architect, strategist, writer and editor. Feel free to contact me with questions or with projects.


the EWB Postcard Project


Engineers Without Borders Australia's Dialogues On Country program educates professionals in Australia about Aboriginal communities' perspectives on land and water management in the Murray/Darling Basin.

I helped them come up with the Postcard Project as a way to help EWB communicate about its programs, build relationships, and specifically communicate the things people learned while on the DOC program's study tour. 

EWB has taken the hard copies and the digital reproductions of the postcards and will be building further communications initiatives that stem from that content.

The postcards are archived on Flickr and at www.ewb.org.au/postcardproject


the ASU Office of University Initiatives' website



The Office of University Initiatives at ASU initiates, manages, sculpts and inspires change within Arizona State University. 

"UI" helps ASU to adapt to new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. And its projects are always changing.

In collaboration with talented graphic designers and developers, I designed this website to tell the story of this office, and to communicate what the office has done and is doing.


ASU's community portal

ASU Community Connect was designed to be the main entry point for the larger community to ASU's programs and services. As a massive institution with many community/university partnerships, ASU has an enormous variety of resources for non-students. Helping Arizonans become aware of these resources has been a challenge. The purpose of this site is to connect people with the resources they need in an efficient and intuitive way.

Again in collaboration with a great team of designers and developers, I helped to set the strategy for this website and shape it into its first form in 2009 (it has since undergone new iterations).